Digital India –MVIF’s active involvement in Maharashtra

Moral Value India Foundation (MVIF) is actively pursuing National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) project. It is part of Digital India initiative started by Central Govt. to spread Digital Literacy among at least 1 member of each household in rural and urban areas. To start with it have taken up 6 districts of Maharashtra viz. Amravati, Beed, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Wardha and Yavatmal. It is expected to grow to other Regions and States in near future. The project involves identifying and registering participants in the age group of 14-60 years, provide training based on the modules prepared and uploaded on NDLM portal, self-assessment by participants and conduct Final exam. Govt. recognized certificates will be issued to all passed candidates for their future benefit. This project is being led by Rushikesh Khilare, Technical support by Hiralal Makwana and Administrative support by Devendra Bhardwaj)

Teaching Children about Finance

A unique and novel initiative to provide education on Finance and Entrepreneurship to children is being carried out by Moral Value India Foundation (MVIF). It have prepared curriculum, presentation, e-books, quizzes, games, competitions, documentaries and sessions conducted by expertsrelated to Financial Education for School and College students. Its AIM is to setup the idea of financial education and entrepreneurism into the subconscious minds of children so the seed of setting up the companies of future is sown. This will help them to appreciate the value of Money, Time, Savings, Prudent Investments, Giving to society, etc. This project is being led by Dr. Hitesh Sharma and executed by KishanMeena and Hiralal Makwana.

Spreading Greenery and Cleanliness

Have taken up planting of 1,000 fruit bearing trees in Melghat region of Amravati district. This is a tribal and backward region where rapid deforestation is happening. As the tress selected are fruit bearing they will feed resident animals and birds as well as provide nutritional food to under nourished kids and expecting mothers. To look after and maintain the trees planted one volunteer for every 200 plants have been assigned. It has also taken up the task of keeping the surrounding neat and clean and educate the natives the importance of cleanliness to eliminate sickness and promote good health and keep environment pollution under control. This project is being led by Rushikesh Khilare and managed by Virendra Agarwal.

Promote Health thru Nutritious Food

This project has been successfully running in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra for more than Two years. There are many types of plants that can be grown in your house backyard including those that produce nutritious fruits and vegetables. Just the way these fruits and vegetables contribute in the improvement of our health they can also prove to be as a source of basic income. We identify high nutritious food products which are grown organically using local resources making them cost effective. This helps in addressing the malnutrition issue also. Expertise to this project is being provided by Manohar Khakeand managed by Ashish Kubade.

Support Education at Study Center

Have initiated a project to setup and operate a Study Center for the benefit of rural poorof all ages in Melghat region of Amravati district. We provide facility where villagers can visit and do self-learning from a vast collection of useful books, audio and video made available. We also conduct sessions and programs on topics which are relevant and useful for people in rural areas to improve their livelihood potential. Expertise is being provided by Yashpriya Arya and managed by Ashish Kubade.

Tackle Psychological and Addiction issues

We are working towards handling of Psychological and Addiction issues in a sensitive manner, for people living in Raigad, Konkan and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. Such psychological issues are increasing in this area due to lack of proper guidance and cure. It covers a series of steps under it. The first consists of Psychological testing, where the problems are assessed, diagnosed and then through therapies are treated. Counseling sessions are arranged which makes it easier to assess the crux of the issue. Breaking the mundane approach to treat the issues we also undertake Music therapy to promote mental health.Also strive to keep them gainfully engaged in positive activities. This project is developed and conducted by RushikeshKhilare, a trained psychologist.

Build Healthy Body and Mind

Regular sessions of Yoga and Meditation are conducted at various centers during mornings and evenings in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, and Melghat region of Maharashtra. Yoga and meditation are the way to a life of serenity. They heal one’s mind body and soul. It helps to keep people’s mind at ease and prevent them from falling prey to addictions. People started taking interest and devoting their time attending these yoga classes, which helped them in improving their lifestyle and thought process. Guidance is provided by Devendra Bhardwaj and sessions conducted and monitored by Ashish Kubade and other Volunteers.