Farmers Club

Survey across 18 states show that 76 percent of the farmers would prefer to perform any other occupation than farming. That is because of repeated loss due to unseasonal rains, droughts, floods and pest attacks. This club will aim to promote farming and instill confidence by introducing modern Technologies and Scientific means of farming.

Skill Development

Under this project various vocational activities and workshops are conducted to enhance skills of an individual. Sessions are conducted for personality development, study skills, management skills, soft skills, communication skills, life skills, etc. These help every individual in their day to day lives and ultimately improve their capabilities.

Arts & Craft

Art is the best way to nourish the roots of our culture and hence we provide them with a platform to express their creativity.We encourage them to use local material available to the extent possible. Promoting local arts and crafts will help to preserve it to future generation and be a source of income.

Herbal Plantation

Herbal and medicinal plantation has been proving to be a very lucrative business converting lands into goldmines. We help farmers produce good quality herbs by providing them technical know-how and even give our inputs on seeding materials. All this with the help of organic farming to give better nutrition value and higher production.