Values are not confined to any particular caste, creed, race or religion but for all mankind. The strength of these teachings is that it bridges the gap between people and brings them together creating harmony. What better way to convey your message than through visual medium. It is believed that a person tends to remember things better when he sees it. Hence, Multimedia serves as the best platform. Moral Values organization propagates this program by creating movies based on ethics and values. By now we have made over 50 motivational movies to inspire people. We adhere to our strong belief that this modern approach to convey our teaching will help people to grow lives better.

Multimedia Video Gallery

Jagega Insaan Zamana Dekhega

Solution of Addiction Free

Malnutrition Free India An Effort

The Real Labor

Moral India Chetan Uchitkar

Moral India Paneri

Moral India Rani

Moral India Kanchan

Moral India Jayraj

Galat Mat Kadam Uthao

Var Do Bhagwan

Ye Waqt na Thahra Hai

Dharati Ki Shan

Shastriya Sangit