School Mental Health

Tobacco Free School

Addiction is a brain disease that is more likely to affect individuals exposed to toxic stress during their vulnerable period of youth. Children are easy victims of addiction and tend to carry on throughout their lifespan. So, in this program the subject matter of concern is how to prevent children from getting addicted to Tobacco.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are the way to a life of serenity. They heal your mind body and soul. Hence we conduct Yoga classes in morning and evening time. It helps to keep people’s mind at ease and prevent them from falling prey to addictions. It was observed that people started devoting their time attending these yoga classes and that helped in improving their lifestyle and thought process.

Inspiring Film Club

Our organization seeks resort of educating through multimedia. In this program we will arrange good and motivational movies for students to watch.As it hasbeen observed that, movies play a very influential and effective role inshaping the thought process of children.

Rural Study Center

It goes without saying that Education plays a vital role in improving the lifestyle of people. We provide facility where villagers can visit and do self-learning from a vast collection of useful books, audio and video made available. We also arrange sessions and programs to educate the deprived people in rural areas.