Program Events

We conduct 3-4 programs annually which are unique that encourage and teach team work, discipline, dynamism and human values. Some of them are :

Human Value Award (HUVA)

Human Value Award is an initiative started by us to honour school students who are able to effectively understand and appreciate the importance of Human Values in life. This is gauged by making them write an essay in a competitive environment. If one can clearly think about Values then he/she is most likely to practise it. The event was conducted in over 150 schools during the academic year 2014-15, across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. We received essays from approximately 3,500 students and gave the Human Value Award to about 450 students. We could reach these 150 schools across the country, thanks to stupendous support by multiple local level partners. We tied up with local NGOs / social workers in each of the above states to achieve the reach. We are in the process of rolling out the HUVA event in 12 prisons across Tamil Nadu. Mr. J.K. Tripathy (I. G., Prisons) readily agreed to have prisoners write / talk about an experience in their lives wherein they did something meaningful (that brings out a strong human value). We also intend to conduct the HUVA event in 300 schools in the academic year 2015-16.

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking / hiking to unique places of interest are carried out periodically. It could be on foot, cycles or bikes depending on the complexity. Participants are mostly the youths or regular enthusiasts, preferably from rural areas. The objective is to explore and learn interesting facts, history, culture, living conditions, habitat and search talents among local population whom we meet on the way.

Educational and Enjoyment Tour

Such tours are conducted for School and College students and also for neglected children of poor community. The objective is to provide them an opportunity to visit various places of interest and to teach them many things about the place, people and culture. Also ensure that they enjoy the whole experience thru learning process. It is Fun and Learn for them which they will remember and cherish their entire life.

Yoga & Meditation camp

Such camps are regularly organized for all age group. It teaches them various yogic postures (asanas),breathing exercises (pranayam) and meditation techniques. Correct method and benefits of it on physical body and mind is explained in detail. They are encouraged to follow and practice it on a regular basis and influence others to join and follow.

Volunteer get-together

A meeting and get together for registered Volunteers is organized once a year. The objective of it is that they get introduced to each other and share the experiences and learning gathered during various projects or tasks they have participated in. What are the good things achieved and what areas which require improvement. Collective brainstorming is done to find ways and means to improve and take up new ventures and assignment. Also ways and means are discussed how to attract new Volunteers and increase the group.