Moral India Friends Club

We invite all like-minded people to come together who dream and strive to make this world a better place to live. We call this group Moral India Friends Club. Our vision is that Moral Values be understood and practiced in every activity or interaction we carry out. Virtues like Honesty, Compassion, Humanity, Sharing, etc. should be inculcated and practiced by all.
The world is facing many problems / issues like malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, addiction to vices, environment degradation, falling health, terrorism, corruption, etc. It is the need of the hour to jointly strategize and arrive at appropriate solutions to address these issues.
Interested members are requested to register on our site providing your details, expertise and interest. We will display your details as part of the list of like-minded members so that one can interact with each other and form teams and work together for a common good. One can search for Friends based on location, age, gender, interest, etc. and be of help to each other and the society. Spread the awareness to encourage other members to join this club.

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