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We Indians are the descendants of great saints who devoted their lives in the search of the almighty and moral values. Their only aim was to make this Earth a better place to live and hence every living being has been happy and healthy ever since primordial times. 'Vasudev Kutumbakam' believed that the world is one big family and that every living soul should promote the same thought.

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Our Project

  • Nutrition Garden

    There are many types of plants that can be grown in your house backyard including those that produce edible fruits and vegetables. Just the way these fruits and vegetables contribute in the improvement of our...Read more

  • Rural Study Center

    It goes without saying that Education plays a vital role in improving the lifestyle of people. We provide facility where villagers can visit and do self-learning from a vast collection of useful books, audio ...Read more

  • Skill Development

    Under this project various vocational activities and workshops are conducted to enhance skills of an individual. Sessions are conducted for personality development, study skills, management skills, soft skills... Read more...

  • Clean Village Green Village

    Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. Every citizen dreams to live in a clean country and reality won't be far from this if every individual makes an effort. In the... Read more...

  • Water Conservation

    With the rapid spurt in population and demand it calls for conservation of resources too.That is why it is important for us to find ways and means to conserve water every day and in every way. In here we...Read more...

Our News

  • Digital India –MVIF's active involvement in Maharashtra

    Moral Value India Foundation (MVIF) is actively pursuing National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) project. It is part of Digital India initiative Read More...

  • Teaching Children about Finance

    A unique and novel initiative to provide education on Finance and Entrepreneurship to children is being carried out by us. We have prepared Read More...

  • Spreading Greenery and Cleanliness

    Currently working on a project of planting 1000 trees in Melghat region of Amravati district. This is a tribal and backward region where rapid deforestation Read More...

  • Promote Health thru Nutritious Food

    This project has been successfully running in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra for more than Two years. There are many types of plants that can Read More...

  • Support Education at Study Center

    Working on a project to setup and operate a Study Center for the benefit of rural poor in Melghat region of Amravati district. We provide facility Read More...

  • Tackle Psychological and Addiction issues

    This project is very sensitive and useful to address and treat psychological problems in Raigad, Konkan and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. Read More...

  • Build Healthy Body and Mind

    Regular sessions of Yoga and Meditation are conducted at various centers during mornings and evenings in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, Read More...

The Science of Success


Aashish Kubade

Addiction Free Experience

Melghat is no less then heaven for wild life. Animals and birds are found here in Thousands. Within the sanctuary are found flying squirrel, mouse, deer, monkeys, blue bull, Indian bison, wild dog, leopard, lizard, wild boar, etc. The forest contains many species of plants. Save Tiger project is being executed here in Melghat due to worrying trend of falling population of Tigers. In summer season these birds and animals roam around in search of food and water. Every day due to cutting of trees the forest cover is drastically reducing. With the assistance of Moral Values India Foundation plantation of fruit bearing trees are being carried out on a large scale. This will help to improve environment and provide sufficient food for wildlife in the forest.

Shankar Mavaskar

Addiction Free Experience

My life drastically changed after coming in contact with Rushikesh Sir of Moral Values India Foundation. Earlier, My reputation was not favorable people called me drunkard Shankar.I lost my health and wealth and became nearly bankrupt having huge financial burden. My family too suffered emotionally along with falling health. After coming in contact with MVIF my life started slowly improving. I was made the emissary of the village and was given the charge of Rural Agriculture Development and Addiction Free programs. Getting involved in these positive activities my life started changing for better. I started earning a decent income to support my family. I also convinced many other villagers and managed to change their life for better and bring about prosperity in their life. Thus my involvement with MVIF has been very rewarding.

Ramesh Pawar

Controlling Malnutrition

In monsoon maximum kids die due to malnutrition. This is because during monsoon the Korkuadivasis do not leave their house for work, which creates shortage of food at home. Feeding themselves and their family is a major concern. This forces the ladies to borrow money from local money lender by mortgaging their jewelry, to purchase food items. They borrow money at high rate of interest and promise to return before Diwali festival. Families which are unable to make proper arrangement of food their children'shealth start falling. Between June and August the death rate of kids and mothers starts increasing. The mothers who get pregnant at a young age face a lot of hardship. They are not able to arrange enough money for food and medicine. Such mothers also need to work at home and farmland. Not able to get proper physical and mental rest they develop many health related complications. Out of these some mothers are forced to go to work after mere 5-6 days of giving child birth. With the help of NGO Moral Values India Foundation we try our best to provide nutritious food to such families who are under nourished. Along with it we also provide training in various villages on "Kitchen Garden" which teaches them how to grow nutritious food at low cost to address malnutrition problem.

Rajesh Kacchwar

Addiction Free Experience

I have been associated with Moral Values India Foundation for the last 3 years and working on rural agriculture development and de-addiction programs in Melghat region of Maharashtra. Earlier, due to easy availability of alcohol to many people including kids,they got addicted to it. To divert their mind from this evil we engaged them in many positive activities like Rural Study Center, Child Improvement, Nutrition Garden, Skill Development, Sports Club, etc. This brought about a very positive change in their life and slowly they started moving away from various type of addiction. Their health started improving and they got engaged in many livelihood activities. Today overall situation in the villages have drastically improved. I am very happy with my association with MVIF.

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