global issues

Global Warming

Global Warming is the phenomena for which the entire World is worried and desperately seeking long term solution. Global warming is the result of unwarranted interference of mankind with Mother Nature creating an imbalance in the environment. Environment protection is the key to solve Global Warming. Under environment protection we need to drastically reduce air pollution, water pollution, de-forestation, usage of toxic and radioactive substances, etc. Our organization works on various projects to eliminate global warming like increase plantation, water purification and conservation, air purification by Havan / Yagya, animal protection to preserve balance in nature, organic farming, encourage cleanliness, etc.


Corruption is one of the biggest issuein the world today which needs to be addressed on a priority basis at every level. This menace is like a termite eating away the resources meant for the true beneficiaries. Honesty and ethics are sacrificed at the altar of greed and selfishness. To check corruption awareness and practice of ethics and values is important. Also transparent procedures and strict laws will discourage and curb this menace. Work at both education and policy level needs to be carried out. Corruption free nation and society will ensure everyone gets the benefits it deserves. Our organization focuses in educating the people to understand the importance of Moral Values and practice it to avoid corrupt practices.

Terrorism and Human Rights Violations

Danger of Terrorism is growing day by day. Few misguided individuals and groups having vested interest are instilling fears in the majority. They have no value for human life and property. Mass weapons of destruction are accumulated and used against innocent people. It violates the principle of Human Rights. Mere anti-terrorism laws and punishment can never reduce this problem but going to the root and understanding the issues can bring about change. Unity among good people can also help to control it. Issues and grievances, if any can be resolved by means of peaceful talks and understanding. Our organization focuses in educating the people to understand the importance of Moral Values and practice it and not indulge in terrorist activities.

Hunger and Poverty

Hunger and Poverty in a large population is a greatest challenge before Society, Country and the World. The root cause of poverty is unequal development and uneven distribution of wealth. The gap between haves and have-nots is drastically increasing. The hunger for accumulating huge wealth by a handful of people and not providing equal opportunity to majority of the population, increases poverty. Illiteracy, laziness and addiction are other causes of poverty. It is the need of the hour for capable and wealthy people to join together and fight the battle of poverty, hunger and malnutrition by providing skills and opportunities to the needy. This will help them to stand on their feet and support themselves and their family.The various projects undertaken by us helps to eliminate poverty and improve the living standards of the rural poor.